About I am my city

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“I am my city” was born in a yellow building in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in December 2013. It developed to a platform for the exploration and facilitation of urban processes. Our activities vary between the topographic posters/magazines that we started with, research on people and their cities, and projects to apply and test our ideas (…and get new ones).

The dependence of “I am my city” on people is its distinct identity. It relies on voluntary work, willingness to collaborate, communicate, spread, share and create. It has an eternal passion for cities. As long as people in cities are willing to come together, the possibilities of adding new, unique ideas on the list are endless.

Our poster series is a platform that wishes to discover and present interesting places, people and stories, from cities all over the world. The magazine’s ultimate reason of existence, is to circulate in neighborhoods, find its place on walls, formulate multilingual series of stories, spreading out ideas and planting thoughts in people’s minds.

We are looking forward to any idea or opportunity to create a new “I am my city” project. Just contact us, break the ice, and let’s explore the options together!