I am my city @Isocarp 2015

It has been an intense week for planners and urban professionals like us. The Isocarp congress brought together a large audience to discuss how the planning profession should re-invent itself. City mayors discussions
further linked the need for new forms of planning with local challenges. 12 urban themes discussed within the 12 city workshop created a diverse environment for discussing a variety of local and global issues.

Young generations of urban exporter tried to shake the congress, bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas. Different generations and working methods can collide but also develop into new partnerships for better urban areas. The keynote speech by Marteen Hajer proved to be inspiring and shaker up the audience with his reflection on how we often still plan cities accordingly to old concepts which proved to be in the best case ineffective, if not harmful. New economic and social thinking needs to go hand-in-hand with new forms of city development.

The results of the workshop in Eindhoven show the key areas in which the planning profession can reinvent itself:


+ Transform from designers of places to facilitators of urban processes: when cities change or stop their path of growth, planning must shift and engage non-physical interventions, too.

+ Invest in the future by building trust and social capital within communities: new tools can create resilient local networks, the motivation for planning.

+ Acknowledge the role of communities as experts of place: mutual learning between planning professionals and place users.

+ Initiate through generative and meaningful engagements: light-quick-cheap interventions allow quick gains, opening the future towards more com plex and comprehensive planning activities.