Spazi Centrali – Milano

railway 1

In 2015, eager for the outcomes of knowledge exchange between Italy and The Netherlands, Associazione 4Tunnel and I am my city joined forces inspired by the case of Zona 2 – Milan, the railway viaduct of the Stazione Centrale (Central Station) and submitted a project proposal to the open call Sfide Urbane (Urban Challenges) launched by the Dutch diplomatic missions in Italy.

We have put together a multidimensional team (neighbourhood association, students, researchers, urban experts) of different backgrounds (architects, urban designers, economists, sociologists) connected to many countries in Europe and worldwide (Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Bolivia), with a common goal: to apply the public space assessment and improvement methodology that I am my city developed with IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Through this process, our project consist of the application of a participatory public space assessment methods (Integrated & inclusive placemaking) aiming the revitalization and co-design of public spaces in the proximity of Milan Central Station. The neighbourhood in collaboration with experienced urban professionals can develop ideas and organize a plan of actions ranging from hands on contributions to bigger plans that will lead to the transition of the viaduct of Stazione Centrale from neglected infrastructure area to lively public space.

Today, we are happy to announce that the proposal presented was one of 6 selected to be implemented. We are excited to start implementing the project in February, if you are in Milan we hope to see you there!