“Urban Huiskamer” snapshot in Singapore

The Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) in Singapore is a think-tank that promotes sustainable and liveable policies for better cities. Among their research, training and publishing activities is the publication “Urban Solutions”, an international magazine aimed at mayors and related urban experts and practitioners.

The magazine draws on the work of CLC and its partners to profile practitioner-centric features, interviews and essays on how to make our cities more liveable and sustainable. It is a free biannual publication, in print and digital versions, targeting the leaders of cities around the world with at least one million residents, as well as to CLC’s network of partners in the public and private sectors, Non-Governmental and International Organisations, journalists, scholars and other experts.

Urban Solutions issue 8

The latest issue of Urban Solutions (issue 8, February 2016) is dedicated to Building with Nature, and the city on focus is Rotterdam. The city’s climate adaptation and mitigation plans, resilient infrastructure and public space projects, and the participatory and bottom-up urban activities caught the attention of the editing team. The “Urban Huiskamer” activity of our team during the Open Zoho Day 2014, is represented in the article by a photo of the moments planting the first flowers, turning a parking spot into a small neighbourhood park.

We are proud of being part of the issue (strongly recommended to read), and also for contributing our small part to the city being an example of living “in harmony with nature” overseas.