Spazi Centrali – Conference presentations

For the Spazi Centrali project, self-organized groups of the area of Greco in Milan have teamed up with I am my city, an international team of young urban professionals with diverse backgrounds, supported by the Dutch consulate in Milan. The goal was to participate actively in the transformation of the neighbourhood, which is on the way, and shape the urban environment of Greco along with its every day users. After the implementation of the Spazi Centrali workshops between 6-8 May 2016 in Milan, – join our facebook event to see all the details! – We are glad to announce that we will be presenting the process and results of the Spazi Centrali project in two conferences:

The first, is the [AUTONOMA] – International Conference on Urban Autonomy and the Collective City on Urban Autonomy and the Collective City, that will take place 1-2 July 2016 in Athens, Greece. [AUTONOMA] is bringing together, renowned scholars and practitioners from the fields of Architecture, Geography, Design, and Environmental Studies, in an effort to identify Urban Autonomy as a distinct area of research and explore its potential to address current and future socio-spatial challenges.

The second is the Sustainable Cities Conference happening between 12-13 July 2016 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This conference will be a milestone in the SUSTAIN Project efforts to facilitate knowledge sharing and international collaboration for sustainable urban development.

During these conferences I am my city is going to present the process and method used in Milan’s Greco neighbourhood, to facilitate a series of activities, with the aim of calling all users to reflect on the current situation and develop ideas for the future of two public spaces in the Greco neighbourhood.

The method implemented includes different stages like desktop and field research, and participatory assessment. The outcome is an action and place management plan involving various stakeholders. However, the impact is aimed to be bigger than the outcome: a long-term process of creating social bonds, emphasizing the potential of the neighbourhood and community, raising awareness for the quantity and (mainly) the quality of spatial, social, economic aspects of the commons.