Spaces for Connection

Reporting from Habitat III, Quito

The last side event we attended was UrbanOvations, about a creative way to intervene in cities with culture. The Walls of connection project from MasterPeace show an innovative way to work on degraded spaces into a place of inclusion and peace. Since the collapse of the Berlin wall, 70 countries have erected fences on their borders; this project uses these walls of separation to change them into walls of connection.

Physical barriers often lead to social barriers between the lives of people. In our experience during the Spazi Centrali project, we saw how infrastructure can represent a barrier to flows and socialization between neighbourhoods. Often infrastructure created to link distant places (railways, motorways, etc) can become a barrier for people living in their proximity. As it is a necessary infrastructure, the challenge is in transforming such physical barrriers in a way that they can have a different use.

Spazi Centrali aims at finding ways to make areas surrounding decayed urban infrastructure more livable and favorable to socialization, while looking ahead at urban regeneration projects which can enhance and bring new life to the infrastructure itself.