Making place together in Afrikaanderwijk


In the last two months we have been around and about in the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam South and we had the chance to get in contact with people living and working in this area. We were inspired and influenced by on going activities initiated by residents, area based entrepreneurs and municipality representatives.

Our first activity in the area took place on a stormy Saturday in February. Next to the monument for the Gastarbeider on Afrikaanderplein, we set up a Turkish tea circle, a wheel of season and storymapping activities. Despite the windy and rainy weather conditions, we got in touch with residents and Afrikaanderplein market visitors and we were able to collect various ideas, impressions and perceptions of the plein.
After the experience of the consultation day we identified several opportunities for the interface area, between the park and the market and spotted potential place-makers among the local people. After assessing different possibilities, our team started developing an integrated strategy for the area including three place-making ideas combining social, cultural and physical aspects of the neighbourhood.

Now, we want to discuss our ideas and strategies together with invited stakeholders in Afrikaanderwijk. We are presenting three place-making projects including a fence photo gallery displaying local art, a pavilion for self-organized activities and a market concept with local character. In cooperation with the neighbourhood we want to develop the ideas further and make Afrikaanderplein a more attractive, used place and focal meeting point of the buurt of Afrikaanderwijk.

[ C. Thanner; D. Andoh; G. Mukova; K. Grut; M. Appiah ]

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