Making Buizenpark a better place


Coming to Katendrecht from the Wilhelminapier, you immediately experience its unique character, industrial heritage and the transformations that are happening. That is why we selected this as the area we wanted to work on. Over the last months, we have been investigating the neighbourhood, identifying strengths, challenges and interesting spots to work on.

We have decided to work on Buizenpark as for us, it has the potential to be one of the most attractive areas of the neighbourhood and potentially of the whole city. The park is a quiet spot with a great view on the Maas, but it has the potential to be used more by both local residents and people coming from other parts of the city.

We designed a consultation program for collecting ideas and desires about the future of the park from residents and users. We faced climate challenges that made it impossible to hold the consultation in the park. Nevertheless, we received a great support from de Schalm School that kindly hosted on a very rainy Friday afternoon. School children were a great source of ideas and energy, as they pointed out their dreams for the park. We received ideas from parents, park users and local stakeholders and used them as input for our integrated strategy for the park.

Based on the consultation we developed a vision for Buizenpark: an enjoyable place which will enhance interaction between people of diverse socio-economic background.

We foresee that this vision can be achieved through some specific actions, like a community garden, a food kiosk, sheltered benches, a pet service point, a movable stage for performances and a multipurpose playground. We want to share our ideas with residents and local stakeholders, in order to receive feedback and discuss the feasibility of future plans.

[ A. Nyarko; A. Sepulveda; E. Kolodkin; M. Tardif; O. Odukoya ]
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